Your track to financial wellness

Whether launching a career, starting a family or heading on the road to retirement, we all need good directions and a solid path to reach long-term financial success. The financial wellness education curriculum by OneAmerica Financial, can show you the way.

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Your path to financial confidence

Everyone’s financial path to retirement looks different. And each stage of life brings unique financial situations to learn about and maneuver through. The financial wellness education from OneAmerica Financial meets you where you are in your journey, steering you toward valuable education tools to help you now and in the future.

How many years are you from retirement?

Mastering these topics can help build confidence that you are establishing good financial habits and getting a head start on retirement success.

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30 or more years from retirement

  • Starting or changing jobs
  • Interested in starting financial and retirement planning



Building an emergency savings


Starting retirement plan contributions

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20-30 years from retirement

  • Actively participating in employers retirement plan
  • Looking to fine-tune retirement prep



Small increases, Big Impact


Managing your debt

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10-20 years from retirement

  • Prioritizing retirement preparation
  • Ready to take your financial temperature




Retirement Checklist Reboot


Maximize Your Contributions


10 or less years from retirement

  • Maximizing contributions
  • Preparing for retirement





The Final Sprint to Retirement


Transitioning from saving to spending

Check in during “Pretirement”

Starting contributions early and periodic check-ins to your retirement account are key to a building a confident retirement. This is especially true during your pretirement years. Check out this video to learn more about pretirement and how you can still splurge on a good cup of coffee and the occasional mani-pedi.

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Five tips for coping with market volatility

How you react to economic uncertainty can make a difference in your retirement preparedness. The following suggestions may help you stay more in control of your investments during periods of market volatility.


Check your retirement planning progress in five steps

An annual retirement plan checkup will show where you stand now and help you zero in on any adjustments you may need to make.


The cost of waiting

While you may find yourself putting off retirement preparation, it’s important to understand that delaying it may have a negative impact on your long-term financial success. Contributing just a little bit now can mean additional tens of thousands of dollars upon retirement.

Develop your retirement strategy

It can be difficult to know how to navigate your track to retirement if you don’t have a clear idea of your destination. Having a strategy and checking it regularly can help keep you on course.

Retirement Resources

These tools can help you understand the advantages of preparation.