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Here’s to the journey. And every wonderfully unscripted day along the way.

Daily routines, little joys, and bumps in the road. We’re here for all of them. The world of financial services may be our job—but helping you live your best life is our passion. That’s why our products, services and tools are designed to help you face every day with greater certainty.

We believe in you. You should, too.

When you feel supported, cared about and empowered, it’s easier to live confidently. Simply put, that’s why we’re here.

We’re OneAmerica Financial and our passion is helping you face every day with a greater sense of certainty. As a mutual organization, it’s a promise we’re uniquely built to keep — we’re owned by our policyholders, and they’re our sole focus.

  • Products and services

    The companies of OneAmerica Financial have been in this business for over 145 years. What’s that mean to you? A deeper level of experience and knowhow woven into everything we do.

  • Financial wellness

    A smart plan for the future equals greater certainty in the present. That’s the essence of financial wellness. 

  • Next steps

    A more secure financial journey means that you can enjoy better moments every day. Let’s start today.

Who is OneAmerica Financial?

We are in the Community

We are in the community

On the surface, our job is life insurance, retirement plans, employee benefits and long-term care protections. But in the end, we’re here for something different. Something bigger. We’re here to champion lives, creating more certainty for the future — and the present. It’s a commitment we take seriously, and you’ll see it manifested in our products, our people and wide range of sponsorships and community involvement.

  • Three colleagues sit outside on a sunny day and enjoy a takeaway lunch and some hot drinks. They are comfortable with each other, having a light hearted discussion.

    As diverse as the people we serve

    OneAmerica Financial is more than our name. It’s what we’re working to build through our reliance on strong relationships and our vision of being there for those who need us.

  • Mother and daughter cuddling outdoor under umbrella.

    A mutual organization

    Being mutual means we are accountable only to our clients or policyholders. That means our priority is serving you — the people and businesses on Main Street, not the leaders of Wall Street.

  • We’re a proud sponsor

    As a Centennial Partner of USA Swimming, OneAmerica Financial takes great pride in supporting our nation’s brightest athletes and future champions. We’re happy to be a part of their journey.