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OneAmerica Financial℠ Actuarial Development Program

Actuarial program

Actuarial teams are at the heart of our business at OneAmerica Financial. To continue our long legacy of serving policyholders, we support the development of actuarial students and credentialed actuaries to their fullest potential. From exam support to leadership development, OneAmerica Financial offers opportunities for all actuarial associates to grow and determine their own career path.

Tim Bischof

Through a combination of formal rotations, experiences, education and leadership development, we’re committed to developing our skilled and competent actuaries into financial athletes, executives and industry influencers.

Tim Bischof

Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary

Actuarial Student Program

Our student programs support the growth of those beginning their actuarial careers through formal connections, education and networking opportunities.

Actuarial Students

Formal rotations

At OneAmerica Financial, students move to new roles approximately every two years to broaden their industry knowledge and experience different types of actuarial work. Our rotation process involves interviewing with leadership from different teams to ensure that each student is rotating to a role that will help them achieve their professional goals.


The OneAmerica Financial student program consists of Actuarial Assistants and Associate Actuaries. Students pursuing the Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) designation start with OneAmerica Financial as Actuarial Assistants. Once the ASA designation has been reached, students can be promoted to Associate Actuaries while in pursuit of the Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) designation.

  • Rotation areas:

    Pricing • Valuation • Financial Reporting • Modeling • Enterprise Risk Management • Asset Liability Management • Product Development

Program highlights

  • Exam support

    Students receive reimbursement for registration fees and the costs of study materials, company-paid study time, and salary increases and bonuses when passing individual exams and meeting requirements.

  • Educational opportunities

    Quarterly educational lunch and learns feature OneAmerica Financial associates at various levels of their careers and from across the company. Students have the opportunity to present to their colleagues on a topic from a recently completed SOA requirement that connects to their work.

  • Compensation and benefits

    Actuarial students receive competitive compensation, including ongoing salary adjustments throughout their journey to ASA and FSA designations and one-time bonuses for first-attempt exam completion. Our compensation packages include 401(k), defined benefits (pension), paid time off, free on-site parking and more.

  • Social and team events

    Actuarial students can participate in off-hours planned social events throughout the year. Students gather frequently and informally for study sessions, happy hours and social interaction. Student events can range from attending sporting events, picnics and holiday parties, to participating in the annual kickball league.

  • Mentorship program

    All students may choose to be paired with an actuarial mentor who has received the FSA designation, at any level of the company.

Who can apply?

The OneAmerica Financial actuarial student program is open to any recent graduate or professional working toward their ASA or FSA designation. Applications for the student program are open online year-round.


The level of support provided by the Student Program — both financially and motivationally — allows me to maintain work-life balance while still working toward my credentials. And the ability to work in multiple student rotations provides opportunities to explore different actuarial roles and set future career goals.


Actuarial Assistant in Individual Life and Financial Services


The rotational program has helped me to become a more well-rounded actuary by giving me the opportunity to work in multiple disciplines, as well as experience working directly in a line of business and in a corporate function. Each role has very different types of problems to solve, which has helped me to build my knowledge in completely new directions.


Associate Actuary in Corporate Actuarial Valuation

Note: Testimonials are the personal views of the individual. These opinions are not necessarily 
indicative of future performance or results and may not reflect the experience of all individuals.

Actuarial Executive Development Program

Development for OneAmerica Financial actuaries continues well after they become FSAs. The Actuarial Executive Development Program (AEDP) provides development opportunities for actuarial team associates to become well-rounded financial athletes and prepares them for senior leadership roles at the company.

Program highlights

  • Actuarial community volunteer leadership opportunities

    Our actuaries are encouraged to give back to and build the profession while developing their leadership skills. These opportunities can be within OneAmerica Financial or in industry groups.

  • Leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion initiative

    What started as dedicated development and networking opportunities internally and externally, now reflects the full scope of our corporate diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Serving as a professional resource

    A focus on building communication skills helps actuaries become better able to provide credible guidance to their audiences, gain exposure to complex business decisions and prepare for presentations to senior leaders.

  • Integrated succession planning and career pathing

    There’s a strong emphasis on promotion from within at OneAmerica Financial. We focus on each actuary’s journey intentionally and offer development opportunities and evaluation of readiness one position at a time. Credentialed actuaries in our program are encouraged to build their own career paths based on their experience and interests.

  • MBA and investment banking mindset

    Actuaries participate in educational sessions and case studies to build business acumen through exposure to investment bankers and industry financial professionals covering a variety of financial topics.

Dennis Martin

The more involved I became in leadership development opportunities, the more I envisioned what my career could become. By broadening my experience and deepening my skill set, I was able to pursue new avenues in my career.

Dennis Martin

President, Individual Life and Financial Services


Career paths aren’t something that just happen in our actuarial program; they are intentional, actively and sincerely supported by actuarial and enterprise leadership. The encouragement I have received to always keep growing has been a powerful motivator in my growth as an actuary and a leader.

Patti Hurdle

Assistant VP, Pricing & Product Development

Where you belong

Sure, we’re a large organization offering a wide range of financial products and services. That means we hire the best and brightest professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. At OneAmerica Financial, everyone has the same occupation: helping our customers feel a greater sense of certainty.

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