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Asset-Based Long-Term Care

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What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Asset-based-long-Term Care protection is a way for clients to help pay for covered expenses should they require care at home or in a facility when they are diagnosed with severe cognitive impairment or if they are unable to perform the basic daily Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently.


Offer an Alternative to traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

Help your clients prepare for potential long-term care (LTC) expenses by offering an alternative to traditional LTC insurance. With the Care Solutions product suite from State Life Insurance Company, your clients can live a long life with the security of having an LTC strategy in place to cover the cost of care if needed, or leave a financial legacy if they don’t. 

  • Having a strategy in place prior to LTC need provides choices to policyholders, so can help pay for services or care so loved ones don’t have to change their lifestyle to provide care.
  • This strategy also helps protect retirement assets that your clients have worked hard to save against the significant impact of a LTC event. 

Asset-based LTC products are all about helping clients be prepared and provide protections clients won’t get from other options…with guaranteed benefits and premiums that will not change for the life other policy or annuity contract.

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Care Solutions Asset-Based LTC Benefits

Put your clients’ assets to work, using the foundation of either a life insurance policy or an annuity to provide long-term care benefits. Clients can use the LTC benefit if they need it or leave the death benefit or accumulated value as part of their financial legacy. See how you can establish or grow client relationships through our value-added products:

  • Spending quality time with loved ones.

    Asset Care

    Whole life insurance with the ability to use value for long-term care expenses

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    Annuity Care®

    An annuity with the ability to use value for long-term care expenses

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  • Use our Quick Quote Tool to explore Asset Care and Annuity Care rates and benefits.

Let us help you

Haven’t done business with OneAmerica yet and want to learn more about our Care Solutions portfolio? 
We have several contact options for you:

  • Reach out to a Regional Sales Director in your assigned region
  • Call our Care Solutions Sales Desk at 844-833-5520
  • Contact your back office support staff.

In addition, here are some high-level tools to help you understand our business submission process.

  • eApp Tip Sheet

    Tips on best practices for submitting business through eApp

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    Gathering important information to prepare for an eApp submission

  • ePolicy Delivery Benefits

    Understanding the value of delivering policies electronically

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Contact us. We’re here to help.

Reach out to a Regional Sales Director in your assigned region or our Care Solutions Sales Desk at 844-833-5520 for support.

This website page is designed for Financial Professionals. OneAmerica Financial is the marketing name for the companies of OneAmerica Financial. Products issued and underwritten by The State Life Insurance Company® (State Life), Indianapolis, IN, a OneAmerica Financial company that offers the Care Solutions product suite. Asset Care form numbers: ICC18 L302, ICC18 L302 SP, ICC18 L302 JT, ICC18 L302 SPJT, ICC18 R537, ICC18 R538, ICC18 SA39, ICC18 R540, L302, L302 JT, L302 SP, L302 SP JT, R537, R538 SA39 and R540. Annuity Care and Annuity Care II form numbers: SA34, R508; SA35, ICC15 SA35, ICC15 R521 PPA ND, ICC15 R521 PPA, ICC15 R522 PPA. Indexed Annuity Care Form numbers: SA36, R529 PPA, R529, R530 PPA and R530; ICC14 SA36, ICC14

R529 PPA, ICC14 R529, ICC14 R530 PPA & ICC14 R530. Not available in all states or may vary by state.