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Enjoy these brief videos outlining important topics related to your retirement preparation. They are fun, educational, engaging and packed with lots of tips to assist you in taking the next steps today.

  • Do you have enough to retire?

    Pete the Planner provides steps to help you better prepare as you near retirement.

  • Competing financial goals

    Pete the Planner answers Carrie's question on how to balance multiple financial goals, such as saving for college and preparing for retirement.

  • Downside of loans

    Pete illustrates how retirement plan loans affect your retirement goals.

  • Freed up cash

    Justine asks Pete the Planner how to use her freed up cash flow to prepare for retirement.

  • In-service withdrawals

    Pete the Planner explains what a in-service withdrawal is and what to consider before performing one.

  • Justifying investing

    Pete the Planner discusses David's concerns with how to invest in his retirement plan when he has limited financial resources.

  • Loans and homes

    Darren asks Pete the Planner what he should consider before taking a loan from his retirement plan for a downpayment to buy a house.

  • Matching contributions

    Pete discusses how matching contributions can help you prepare for retirement.

  • Pre-retirement loans

    Pete the Planner answers Anna's question on if she should take a pre-retirement loan to purchase a car.

  • Retirement basics

    Pete discusses four concepts to consider as you prepare for retirement.

  • Retirement Income Streams

    Pete illustrates the retirement income streams available and how your employer-sponsored retirement plan fits into your retirement preparation.



These interactive calculators will help you take an active role in your learning and will assist you in developing a proactive plan to achieve your goals.

  • Asset Allocation Calculator

    Your risk tolerance affects how you allocate your retirement assets.

  • Retirement Income

    This calculator can be used regularly to confirm that your retirement strategy is aligned with your retirement goals.

  • Cost of waiting

    Waiting to begin saving for retirement can have a huge impact.

  • Small changes, big savings

    Saving a small amount now can make a big difference later.

  • 403(b) 15-Year Catch-up Calculator

    Learn about additional opportunities to save for retirement.



All the guides and articles here are jam-packed with ideas on the nuts and bolts of retirement planning as well as topics that are relevant to your life planning. Take the time to read these short topical articles and then take the next steps to achieve your goals.

  • The Benefits of Tax Deferral

    Retirement plan contributions are tax deferred, so they don’t impact your take-home pay as much as you’d think!

  • Four Things to Consider Before Taking a Loan from Your Retirement Account

    Take time to think about these four things before taking a retirement plan loan.

  • Contribute More to Your Retirement Account

    Invest more toward your retirement goals by practicing three basic money management techniques.

  • Retirement Check-In

    Your ability to confidently retire at a specific age requires planning throughout your working years. An annual retirement plan checkup will show where you stand now and help you zero in on any adjustments you may need to make.

  • Simplify Your Retirement Accounts

    Combining your retirement accounts into one can help streamline your preparation efforts.

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