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It may feel like your money is pulled in many different directions. With so many routine expenses, you may feel like you can’t afford to increase your retirement account contributions. Keep in mind that even small increases can make a big difference. Consider these three tips on finding more money to contribute to your retirement account.

1. Give your account a raise

The next time you get a raise, consider celebrating your success by increasing your retirement contribution rate. You’re not used to having that extra money, so chances are you won’t miss it if you allocate it to your retirement account.

2. Pay off your debt

Think of the money that is tied up each month in payments toward personal debt. The sooner you pay off this debt, the sooner you can free that money and use it toward your retirement goals.

3. Cut spending

Track how much you spend for a month, and then look for ways to cut spending. Use the money you save to increase what you invest in your retirement account.

For instance:

  • Could you cut back by bringing your lunch instead of going out to eat?
  • How about borrowing books from the library rather than buying them?
  • Do you have a larger cell phone plan or cable package than you really need?

The Small Changes, Big Savings calculator can show you how small adjustments to spending can make a big difference.

To increase contributions to your account, log in today!

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