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Catch-up contributions were created to allow those who may not have had access to a retirement account earlier in their careers to contribute additional dollars toward their retirement. They provide a great opportunity to further maximize your retirement plan contributions. There are a few catch-up options that may be available, depending on the type of retirement plan your employer offers and the plan’s provisions.

Age 50 catch-up contributions

Beginning the year you turn 50, you can make catch-up contributions to 401(k), 403(b) and governmental 457(b) plans, if allowed by the plan. Before making the age 50 catch-up contributions, be sure you are first maximizing the plan’s regular contribution limits. The plan’s regular contribution limit can include the annual deferral limit, the plan’s contribution limit (for example, a plan may limit the amount a participant can contribute) or the contribution amount for highly compensated employees.

In 2024, provided you are eligible, you may contribute an additional $7,500 to your account as an age 50 catchup contribution.

2024 Limits401(k)
Regular contribution limit$23,000
Age 50 catch-up$7,500
Total contribution maximum$30,500

15-year catch-up contributions

If you have completed 15 years of service with a qualified organization, you may be eligible for this additional 403(b) catch-up contribution. Examples of qualified organizations include churches, convention or association of churches, educational organizations, health and welfare service agencies, home health service agencies and hospitals.

The 403(b) 15-year catch-up contribution allows you to contribute up to $3,000 beyond the normal annual plan contribution limits and age 50 catch-up contributions.

Additional limitations may apply to 403(b) 15-year catch-up contributions. Visit and search “403(b) Catch-up” to learn more.

Special 457(B) catch-up contributions

If you are participating in a 457(b) plan and are within three years of your retirement age, you may be eligible for the special pre-retirement 457(b) catch-up contribution. In 2024 this contribution allows you to contribute an additional $23,000 to the plan, above the plan’s annual contribution limit. If you are eligible for both the special pre-retirement 457(b) catch-up contribution and the age 50 catch-up contribution, you may not make both in the same calendar year.

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