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Tax-deferred growth for retirement

If you’re a more conservative investor, a fixed annuity (or fixed indexed annuity) could be right for you. Why? Because it gives you a guaranteed, tax-deferred way to grow wealth — while offering protection from market volatility. You can fund a fixed annuity with one lump sum payment, or a series of payments. Over time, the fund grows in value. Then, during the payout phase, you’ll be able to rely on a steady, dependable stream of income (typically paid monthly)


As with all financial decisions, we recommend talking to your financial professional before opening a fixed annuity. Together, you can decide if a fixed annuity is right for you.

How it works

Fixed (and fixed-indexed annuities) offer several options, depending on your tolerance for risk. But, generally speaking, you can:  

  • Purchase early in life as a strategy to accumulate more value.
  • Transfer existing assets or start fresh.
  • Determine which type of annuity payout works best for your financial strategy. Their deferral periods vary, meaning some products provide income immediately and others have deferral periods.

Why it's popular

Investors often choose annuities when they want to:

  • Prepare for retirement by potentially growing assets in a tax-deferred way.

  • Receive a guaranteed retirement income for a set period (or the rest of their lives).

  • Balance asset protection with steady growth.

Where to start

Whether you already have an annuity or if you want to learn more about them, we can help you:

  • Realign your financial strategy to keep your goals within reach.

  • Change the crediting strategy for your fixed-indexed annuity, which may affect your level of risk.

  • Access the account value for your annuity (subject to ordinary income taxes and a potential 10% tax penalty if you are under age 59½).

Getting started is easy. Talk to a financial professional now.

Note: Our fixed annuity products are issued and underwritten by American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL), a OneAmerica Financial company.