Pass down what really matters.

A legacy is what you leave behind after a life well-lived. We hope yours includes a wealth of special memories, hearty laughter and unforgettable moments. Those things are truly invaluable.

Proper estate preservation planning (including life insurance and long-term care provisions) can help make the most of your legacy planning. We’d be happy to connect you with a financial professional who can help you take a holistic and thoughtful look at your financial legacy. In the meantime, check out this collection of our most popular articles on the subject.


Calculate estate tax

Family is the most important part of your legacy.

Charitable gifts 101

Your life can affect the lives of countless others.

Estate gifting strategies

Smart planning means avoiding unnecessary taxes and fees.

Marital deduction & unified credit strategies

Your partner may be the key to preserving your financial legacy.

Estate preservation with life insurance

Your life insurance policy is never about you.

Woman leaning on man writing in notebook at home

The Pension Protection Act and Annuity Care 

Along the way, don’t forget to consider another aspect of your legacy — your finances, and how they can have an impact even after you’re gone.

Let us help you find a financial professsional to help guide you through your legacy planning.

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