Many Associates, One Mission


Our team of dedicated associates works tirelessly to ensure we know our customers and create experiences that make a difference in every person’s life. Our promise to be there when customers need us most lives everyday as our north star for how we all come together to provide a seamless experience.

So, one is the number we focus on — that person we are talking to during each interaction.

Tony Marichal
Vice President of Enterprise Operations
Customer Engagement Centers

Our people bring our Mission to Life.

Through the efforts of our many team members, we bring day-to-day support with a compassionate, personal touch. Because the many members of our Customer Engagement Centers dedicate themselves to make each one of our callers feel listened to and helped. When customers call in their most vulnerable moments, the associates of the OneAmerica Customer Engagement Centers provide the help they need.


OneAmerica fields more than half a million calls annually from retirement services customers. Monday through Friday, 2,000 to 3,300 callers reach out each day for assistance. But for Tony Marichal, vice president of Enterprise Operations Customer Engagement Centers, it’s not the numbers that impress him most.


He leads his teams to think of people instead. “Each caller is a person, not a number or statistic,” he said. “Every call represents a person who needs our help, sometimes during the most difficult, fragile times in their life — whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or if they’re going through illness. All those things create a need for customers to access services at OneAmerica. So, one is the number we focus on — that person we are talking to during each interaction.”


The culture of community Tony has created among his teams remains a great source of pride for him. And the high percentage of customer satisfaction stands as further affirmation.

The relationships prove beneficial when there are challenges.

Alice Dennison
Senior Treasury Associate

The customer engagement specialists are extensively trained on the service experience and prepared to meet people where they are with the utmost sensitivity and understanding.


“We’re not just performing a transaction on their behalf,” he said. For associates to connect with customers, they must first feel connected to their co-workers, according to Tony. “We talk about building a connected community within our Customer Engagement Centers. We must have a connection to one another in a meaningful way, and a connection to our managers, and to the vision and values of OneAmerica,” he said.


“Only when those first three things are happening can the fourth occur — which is a positive OneAmerica connection with our customer.” This commitment to a culture of caring was evident from the more than 30,000 surveys our customers completed in 2022. “Nearly 96% of our retirement services customers, for example, indicated satisfaction with the courtesy, professionalism and knowledge of the associates who assisted them,” Tony said. “We’re all very proud of how we’re there for our customers — and our coworkers — when they need us most.”

The many components of our company come together as one to serve our customers and keep our promises.


Every day, our team comes to work with one goal — to make someone’s life better, more stable and secure, providing the peace of mind that comes from financial security. We come together as one to serve our customers and keep our promises. Doing this work takes the dedication and attention to detail that fuels our commitment to service and excellence. It takes finesse in process execution. It takes someone like Alice Dennison, who comes to work every day with the expectation that she will make a difference in a person’s life.

A self-proclaimed “people person” with 20 years of experience in various areas within OneAmerica, Alice likes teaching what she’s learned to new hires and younger employees.


“I train people in the accounts payable system. I just enjoy making friends and building relationships with people at OneAmerica.”


The people-first, human-centered culture of OneAmerica proves beneficial when the work to be done requires partnership across many teams. “The relationships prove beneficial when there are challenges,” Alice said. “Other people can help you. I think the regard for each other, the respect for each other, it’s very important.”

We wake up every day thinking about how we can make the customer experience better.

José Martínez
Chief Information Officer of IT

We pride ourselves at OneAmerica for building foundations that provide positive experiences for our customers and associates. Investing in upgrading our technology is not only a basic rule of business but a key driver to keeping our relationship with our customers. Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of IT at OneAmerica José Martinez and his team, in collaboration with Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Enterprise Marketing and Communications Kelley Gay and her team, have been on a multiyear journey to create a modern customer-centered framework that is teed up to deliver an unmatched experience with the protections needed to safeguard our customers’ assets and information.


At OneAmerica, we believe that digital and data strategy empowers human-centered relationships. Our talented team of associates, works with modern digital experiences, drives growth, retention and lasting relationships that deliver exceptional service to our customers every day.

Associate and customer experience is king — if you don’t deliver a great experience, you have nothing.

Kelley Gay
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Enterprise Marketing and Communications

In 2022 we:

  • Accelerated our digital offerings to create a modern, highly competitive, user-centric experience that puts information and data at the fingertips of those who place their trust in us.
  • Unleashed and utilized data to inform critical business decisions and customer decision-making.
  • Enabled associates to deliver greater customer value by driving efficiency through improved business automation.

“We set out to transform our digital experience to provide customers valuable personalized interactions daily that showcase our focus on building relationships,” said Kelley.

There are many working for the benefit of creating experiences that put the customer at the heart of what we do and delivering digital solutions to help in creating financial confidence and security. We know that all of us, working together as one, will continue to deliver personal service, innovative products, engaging experiences, and strength they have counted on for 145 years.


Our products reflect our commitment to serve.


At OneAmerica we plan to be there when customers need us most. That was true in 1877 when our first company was founded, and it will remain our goal for years and years to come.


“When we shake hands with our customers, our handshake is for the lifetime of the policy,” said Tim Bischof, OneAmerica senior vice president and chief actuary officer. “We’re offering products for people who are looking to protect themselves for the long term.”


That abiding focus drives our approach to the products and services we offer.


“They’re designed to stand the test of time,” said Tim. “Our philosophy is that we’ve been in the business for 145 years, and we’re making decisions that ensure we’re in the business for the next 145 years.”

Our actuarial teams work hard to provide competitively priced products that serve the needs of individuals and companies. We are committed to providing a diverse product portfolio while making sure there’s sufficient capitalization to maintain our high level of financial strength and stability for a lifetime and beyond. “When we consider our product offering, we look to build products with the greatest impact for the most people we can reach,” said Tim. “We build durable, long-term products that protect people’s financial health and wealth and will provide support when they need it the most.”


He believes the OneAmerica mutual structure and emphasis on relationships are key to providing customer value, and that they attract a special kind of person to work at the company.


“Our 2,500 associates have a clear mission: to focus on the customer,” said Tim. “That’s kept us strong and will continue to strengthen us.”

When we shake hands with customers, our handshake is for the lifetime of the policy.

Tim Bischof
Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary