A compassionate path back to independence


Letitia Moore awoke one morning in 2020 to excruciating back pain. Little did she know how the course of her life was about to change.

“I could barely turn over. I could barely walk,” Letitia said. “I ended up in the emergency room at a local hospital. That was the first day of 17 months out of work.”


For the previous three years, she worked at a flooring manufacturing warehouse, where she lifted heavy items throughout every shift, five days a week. But in the wake of her injury, her inability to return to the strenuous job created financial hardship. Unable to support herself, Letitia moved in with her adult daughter.


With her future uncertain, Letitia’s path back to independence came through a seemingly unlikely source: the OneAmerica long-term disability insurance coverage she had through her employer.


“I assisted Letitia with her claim process,” said Matthew Gilpatrick, a long-term disability senior claims associate for OneAmerica who helps bring our compassionate return-to-work capabilities to life.


He learned that moving forward, Letitia would be more successful returning to the workforce in a job that didn’t involve strenuous physical demands. He advised Letitia on potential options and exploring new avenues for professional development.


Vocational Rehabilitation Manager Sean Caron is on the OneAmerica master’s-level team of professionals who help disability claimants keep or find employment after they suffer debilitating injuries. He knew whatever Letitia’s next job was, it would likely be in an office.


Despite devoting much of her career to a profession that required a lot of physical activity, Letitia was willing to adapt. She was eager to acquire the skills necessary to be a more eligible candidate for employment.


“She signed up for a course at her local community college, and she did amazingly well in it,” Sean said.


Before long, Letitia was completing a pharmacy tech training program at that same community college. Armed with a certificate, she began applying for jobs.


“On the day of her first interview, she called me from the parking lot,” Sean said. “She was anxious with interview jitters, so I just reminded her ‘You’ve got this,’ and let her know she was going to do great.”


The next call he’d receive from Letitia was one of confidence and joy. She got the job and called to thank him and Matthew for their support.


She’s been employed at that international pharmaceutical company for over a year. But even now, she stays in touch with Sean and Matthew.

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