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Impactful moments that mattered

Being in business for more than 145 years has taught us a few things about the discipline of growing a business with purpose. In 2023 we made great leaps in our investments in people, the experiences we create for you, and the products that help you achieve your goals. These investments lay the foundation for future growth and support continued growth in capabilities that enable us to serve more diverse customers in ways they need.

Excellence & growth


We experienced strong business growth in 2023 as more customers and distribution partners turned to OneAmerica Financial for our financial strength and mutual organization values.


We know that our customers and distribution partners have choices as to whom they work with. We are honored and humbled to be part of the countless lives we serve and support along the way, and the stories in this year’s annual report reflect not just what we do but the deep conviction we have in how we do it.


Our financial strength has and will continue to be the backbone of our success — reflecting one of many reasons people choose us and stay with the companies of OneAmerica Financial. Our aggregate high retention rate of 94% continues to convey that our relationship focus, caring expertise and product solutions we offer are hitting the mark.

Excellence and Growth

Making it easy


Among the countless efforts we have underway to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders, a few notable ones rose to the top. These reflect our steadfast belief in listening to our customers, evaluating market trends, and stepping up to deliver solutions that make a real difference.


Our Retirement Services business delivered a 316 fiduciary service that helps plan sponsors focus on their business and employees. And it leaves the heavy lifting of fiduciary responsibilities to OneAmerica Financial. This new service frees up time for plan sponsors and gives them peace of mind that the regulatory and reporting needs are covered professionally.


Our Employee Benefits business line delivered an enhanced Evidence of Insurability (EOI) and an onboarding program that will help employers and employees navigate the process of obtaining the group benefits they need with less time spent on administrative processes.


Our individual life insurance business continues to make great strides in improving how we process business from start to finish. By significantly reducing business processing times and communicating every step of the way, our distribution partners can manage their practices with confidence and this allows for deeper engagement with customers as they strengthen their financial plan with OneAmerica Financial by their side.


While these are just a few examples of impact, they are driven by a commitment to listen, and respond, in service of being there with professionalism, compassion and ease.

From the team

Daryl Swick

Our 316 fiduciary service allows plan sponsors to focus on what they do best — their business ... Local service means we have someone in your area who can help with the consultative approach to all your retirement service needs.

Daryl Swick

Retirement Services Market Segment Director

Chris Coburn

The new enhancement takes the employer out of the administrative process, saving them the time and burden ... It’s a win-win for the employee, employer and OneAmerica Financial.

Chris Coburn

Employee Benefits Vice President

Erin Garrett

It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it. The access to leadership, the dedicated case managers and our underwriters ensure we’re responsive and creating empathetic interactions.

Erin Garrett

Individual Life & Financial Services Vice President, Service Experience & Resiliency

Connection to you

Our customers’ and distribution partners’ digital needs and expectations are evolving. We are stepping into this by making historic investments in our digital experience to meet the growing needs for more tools, resources and self-serve options to manage a brighter financial future and provide solutions to deliver back-office services for our employers and distribution partners.


In 2023 we developed and made massive strides in our digital experiences — from launching new website and mobile application offerings, to the customer claims experience, to having more insights available to help our stakeholders make key life and business decisions — with much more to come.


We are also making investments in our brand. OneAmerica Financial is now our official name, and the new logo and branding will continue to roll out to support a clearer message about who we are and what we do for our customers and distribution partners. We know this matters to those who depend on us, as elevating our market presence demonstrates an investment in our mission to better serve our stakeholders.

Making it matter

Our talented associates are driving these changes and many others. Our purpose of creating more certainty is engrained in all we do.


We foster a collaborative and empowered culture, leading to innovation and improved customer satisfaction. In addition to supporting those that place their trust in us, our associates uplift and strengthen our communities through volunteering, community service, serving on local boards and through financial contributions. This creates a well-rounded workforce that supports and cares for the communities we work and live in.


Making commitments in our community is just as important as the investments we make in our business.


Among the many community impact programs we have, one that shines bright is our sponsorship of USA Swimming and Indiana Sports Corp to create a legacy grant program that will support underserved communities throughout Indiana.


We have joined forces to teach 50,000 children and adults to swim. Not only does this help provide an avenue to learn a skill that many simply don't have access to, but it is truly a way to save lives and empower generations to come. Making these long-term commitments to our communities is one of the best ways to create lasting impact.

Programs will include:


Swim IN Safety Statewide Water Safety Program


Indianapolis Community Swim Team, Indianapolis Park and Rec USA Swimming Team


National Park and Recreation Championship — USA Swimming Community Swim Teams from around the country will participate.


Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) Aquatic Support — multi-organizational partnership to increase access, support competitive high school and middle school programs in IPS, support IPS facilities, learn-to-swim, fitness classes, and lifeguard certification.

Karin Sarratt

We are looking many years into the future as we make our plans and investments to build upon the already strong culture, product offerings and digital solutions that will support the next generation.

Karin Sarratt

Executive Vice President