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Employee Benefits

I think OneAmerica showed that they care about people from the first time I called them.

Chuck Niemann

Compassion on call

Life Claims Manager Trey Ourand says most people don’t think they’re ever going to use their work’s life insurance. They get it but think “That’s never going to be me; I’m not going to die while I’m of working age.” But he says that’s exactly why we have these policies — to protect people.


Trey assisted Chuck Niemann who called on behalf of his teenage great-grandson Aiden. He was about to turn 18, the legal age to receive the benefit check from his late mother’s two life insurance policies.


“I could tell Chuck just wanted to make sure he helped Aiden in any capacity he could because life insurance can be overwhelming for anybody, but especially someone of Aiden’s age. And he needed this to start his young adult life,” Trey said.

Long-term Care