Built for Stability
2021 Financial Results

Anything meant to last must be built on a solid foundation. Our disciplined financial approach enables us to stand strong on behalf of our customers, whether they are planning for an uncertain future or navigating a challenging present. As a mutual organization, we are accountable to these individuals. All that we do is built around them.

We are proud to share the financial information that follows as further evidence that no matter what happens, OneAmerica stands strong for the people we serve.

$7 billion

The amount we proudly paid to customers in 2021.

Compund Growth Rate

Compound annual growth rate of assets under administration over the past five years.

Rate of Retained Customers

The rate at which we retained customers in 2021.

Annual adjusted revenue growth

Annual adjusted revenue growth rate over the past three years.

Hardships distribution requests

Though our Group Benefits and Life Insurance claims activity reached an all-time high in 2021, our financial strength and stability allowed us to deliver on our promises while remaining well-positioned for growth.

Financial strength

Our financial strength ratings were affirmed during a year of great economic uncertainty. Proof that our customer centric approach can weather a financial storm.