With the stock market ups and downs, sometimes an investor may start to feel out of control of the money they contribute to their retirement account. Diversifying your investment portfolio among the different asset classes, or types of investment options, available in your plan is one way to take action toward reaching your retirement goals.

If you have all your retirement plan contributions in one investment and that investment performs poorly, your entire account could be in trouble. However, if your investments are divided between several options in different asset classes, poor performance from one investment has less impact on the overall portfolio.

Diversification can help smooth out the ups and downs in your portfolio. Although you might reduce volatility and risk with diversification, you can’t eliminate investment risk all together. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

Note: Each group of investments carry their own unique risks. Before investing, please read each fund prospectus for a detailed explanation of the risks, fees, and costs associated with each underlying investment option.


How do I get started?

Determining a suitable asset allocation and diversification strategy for your investment portfolio depends largely on your risk tolerance and the time you have until you retire. We call this your investor profile. Click "Next" below and answer the questions.  This will to help identify your investor profile. Then, using the model portfolios as a guide, you can choose a mix of investments from those offered through your retirement plan.



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Investment information is provided for educational purposes only. 

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Investing always involves risk, including the potential loss of principal.  Participants should carefully consider their risk tolerance, investing time horizon, needs and objectives as well as the specific risks and limitations associated with each of the investment options before investing.