Submit a Signboard Suggestion

Signboard Guidelines

OneAmerica seeks humorous quips, puns and definitions for its signboard. Following are a few guidelines for the board:

  1. Suggestions must not exceed three lines of 21 characters each. The character limit includes all punctuation and spaces.

  2. Suggestions should be humorous. Those that are insulting or off-color will not be accepted. Here are some examples of acceptable signboard submissions:

    Do accordianists
    play both ends
    against the middle?

    Sign at a dairy farm:
    All we have
    we owe to udders

    Scream saver

  3. Submissions centering around events, especially Indiana/Indianapolis events, seasons and holidays are always welcome. Here are some seasonal examples:

    Chilly Powder

    Cold Front:
    What happens when
    you forget your coat

    Colts win!
    Have no pity
    on Steel City!

  4. We do not use the signboard for inspirational sayings or advertising of any kind, nor do we use it to make political statements.

If you would like to submit a signboard suggestion to OneAmerica, please fill out the e-mail form below.