Target Date Fund

August 22, 2017 Pete the Planner

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Have your recently added target date funds to your plan’s investment line-up? Here is a way to promote the usage of these funds to your employees.

Pete the Planner has an engaging video and podcast that explains how these funds act as a single diversified fund and adjust the mix of stocks and bonds automatically over time.

Share this video and podcast with your participants and help increase their knowledge of your new investment options. Increased knowledge can lead to increased confidence in retirement outcomes.

NOTE: Target Date Funds are designed for people who plan to retire and begin taking withdrawals during or near a specific year. These funds use a strategy that reallocates equity exposure to a higher percentage of fixed investments; the funds will shift assets from equities to fixed-income investments over time. As a result, the funds become more conservative over time as you approach retirement. It’s important to remember that no strategy can assure a profit or prevent a loss in a declining market and the principal value of the Target Date Funds is not guaranteed at any time, including the target date. Target Date Funds are designed to provide diversification and asset allocation across several types of investments and asset classes, primarily by investing in underlying funds. Therefore, in addition to the expenses of the Target Date Funds, an investor is indirectly paying a proportionate share of the applicable fees and expenses of the underlying funds. The principal amounts invested into these funds are not guaranteed at any point and may lose value.

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