Four Stages of Retirement Preparation

December 1, 2016 Pete the Planner

Preparing for retirement can seem overwhelming, particularly for your employees who may be trying to manage other financial obligations. When your employees feel overwhelmed, their most likely response is to do nothing; they won’t take the necessary steps to enroll in the plan, increase contributions or otherwise evaluate their retirement preparation strategy.

One way to combat this participant inertia is to break down seemingly complicated tasks into manageable, step-by-step processes. This enables employees to focus on one task at a time. Once they check of one item on the list, they can move on to the next; before they know it, they have taken several steps to better prepare themselves for retirement. Pete the Planner addresses this topic in his podcast, “Stages for Retirement Preparation.” In this short audio file, Pete engages employees and helps them understand the stages of preparing for retirement and the steps they can take to get there.

Listen to the podcast below and share it with your employees today. 


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