Setting Purposeful Retirement Goals

August 16, 2017 Financial Wellness

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It is strange to think of it this way, but from the moment you start working, you are supposed to be preparing for the day you stop working. We have a finite amount of time to earn all the money we will need to live in retirement. Our working years are the time we create lives for ourselves, but more importantly, it’s a time we create a sustainable plan to fund a life that may no longer be fueled by work. Your participants are trying to do just that. Sometimes participants blindly throw money into the plan, and sometimes contributions are made with purpose.

One of the most important steps of the retirement preparation process is establishing retirement goals and contributing to the retirement plan with purpose. Use the following materials to develop a communication campaign that will motivate your employees to think about their retirement goals and the necessary steps they need to take today to achieve those goals.

Plan Sponsor Guide Preparing For Retirement

Preparing For Retirement Infographic

Setting Financial Goals Guide

Retirement Income Calculator


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