Financial Wellness Videos for Your Participants

November 22, 2016 Financial Wellness

Articles for Financial Wellness

People learn in different ways and have all sorts of education preferences. Often, it takes a combination of messages and media to deliver a message that resonates with participants and inspires them to action. Videos can be an effective component of an overall education strategy.

We provide a suite of videos on retirement-related topics as well as personal financial areas of interest. Many of these videos feature Peter Dunn, a.k.a. Pete the Planner®. In these videos, Pete brings his unique sense of humor to topics that often seem overwhelming or complicated, making the concepts more accessible to viewers. The videos are brief – about two minutes – so they are long enough to be educational, but not so long that viewers will lose interest.

All of our videos are available to you and your participants on YouTube. You can share the YouTube link – – on your company portal or intranet site so participants can access the videos when it is convenient for them to watch. Alternatively, you can choose to feature one or two topical videos. For example, choose one video to feature in each issue of an employee newsletter or other form of communication you may use. 


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