OneAmerica® Expands Care Benefit Concierge Services

Enhanced care coordination for long-term care policyholders

Indianapolis, December 7, 2020

OneAmerica® is adding access to care coordination services through the experience of CareScout®, enhancing the personalized approach that characterizes its Care Benefit Concierge feature of long-term care protection. This new service relationship will support policyholders and their family members throughout the journey of a long-term care event and provide them direction at the time of a claim.

“The offering of CareScout will enhance the care benefit concierge service we currently have,” said Denise Cochran, a long-term care claims manager at OneAmerica. “As the care benefit concierge focuses on making the claim process easy and allows families to focus on their loved ones, CareScout will assist families in finding care providers and local resources. During a long-term care event, it’s difficult for families to determine next steps, so CareScout will be able to present the family with options to make the best decisions to fit their needs.”

CareScout Care Coordination Services is an integrated risk-management solution. The program utilizes the experience of CareScout’s Care Advocacy staff, supported by a database of over 100,000 long-term care providers in the U.S. and annual Cost of Care Survey data to assist Care Advocates in designing and implementing a Plan of Care to address long-term care needs.

CareScout also has a highly specialized, individually trained, national network of registered nurses, called the FieldScout® Network. Prior to the pandemic, and continuing when the pandemic has ended, the FieldScout Network completes on-site assessments of long-term care claimants and creates high-quality summaries to support CareScout Clinical Care Advocates recommendations and implementation of Plans of Care.

By adding these care coordination services, policyholders and their families benefit from:

  • Specialized resources to help them develop a Plan of Care that aligns to the claimant’s need.
  • Assessments and recommendations that guide the family through the complexities of long-term care services.
  • Access to a database of more than 100,000 long-term care providers nationwide and CareScout Quality Ratings and Reports of selected provider types.
  • Suggestions on appropriate providers and assistance with provider negotiated “best rates.”
  • Periodic review of the care plan to help ensure the claimant consistently received appropriate services.
  • On-site functional, cognitive and environmental assessments (currently completed virtually to protect customers during the pandemic).

“Because 70% of people over the age of 65 will require some form of long-term care services as they get older, the CareScout benefit can really make a difference for families, who reach a critical point in their lives and really need help,” said Tracey Edgar, vice president of sales for care solutions.

“CareScout provides third-party experience to evaluate clients’ need for care and maintains an extensive database of care providers with negotiated rates to help our claimants make informed decisions when it comes to care,” she continued. “This added service brings additional peace of mind to the family and those experiencing the event.”

This expansion strengthens the value that OneAmerica brings to policyholders as it adds another layer of service to long-term care protection. During what can be a difficult time, claimants and their families will benefit from CareScout’s local service approach.

The new service will also help financial professionals by providing additional value and delivering an exceptional customer experience to their clients.

OneAmerica markets CareScout® services. CareScout is a Genworth company. CareScout and Genworth are not affiliates of the companies of OneAmerica.

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