COVID-19 Financial Education and Resources

Financial Resources for You

We realize your world has changed and OneAmerica is here to help you through these extraordinary times. Whether you are looking for more information on budgeting, retirement account access, or dealing with market volatility, below are resources and tools to help you prepare for what lies ahead.

Market Volatility

With today’s headlines and recent market fluctuations, it is easy to feel that your future may be out of your control. Learn how to stay focused during periods of market volatility.

Money Survival Guide

We provide a myriad of financial wellness resources in our One Day is Today online toolbox. Whether you prefer to learn by doing, reading, watching videos or listening to podcasts, the toolbox has resources to fit your needs. Explore the toolbox to find information pertinent to your current financial situation.

Account Security

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to safeguard our phones, computers, personal belongings and identities. These tips provide ideas on how to stay secure.

Financial Professional

In times of uncertainty, a financial professional can help provide the guidance and encouragement that can help you stay on course through life’s ups and downs. See some tips on finding a financial professional.

Hardships and Loans

In a financial crisis, you may decide to take a loan or hardship withdrawal, if they are available in your plan. Before doing so, consider exploring all options to ensure these withdrawals are appropriate for your situation.