You are eligible to request a premium repayment plan, if you:

  1. Are a current resident of the District of Columbia;
  2. Owe back premium(s) on a OneAmerica company individual life insurance policy; and
  3. Have been financially impacted by COVID-19.


Repayment Plan Options:

  1. You may make a one-time payment of all back premiums owed; or
  2. You may elect a repayment plan of 12 equal monthly installments. Monthly installments include your regular monthly premium plus an equal installment amount of the back premium owed.


Repayment Guidelines:

  1. You must request to activate a repayment plan option to avoid coverage being terminated.
  2. To activate repayment plan, please call Policy Service at 1-833-805-3525 before your extended premium grace period has ended.
  3. If any of the repayment installments are returned for insufficient funds coverage will be terminated with no additional grace period.
  4. Repayment installments must be paid within thirty (30) days of the repayment due date (below) or the policy will be terminated with no additional grace period.


If you have any questions about the repayment plan, please contact Policy Service at 1-833-805-3525.