Tax Exempt Center of Excellence: Education

OneAmerica has a dedicated team of tax exempt market educators who average 27 years’ experience in this market.  We have worked extensively with financial professionals to provide strategic prospecting ideas, plan technical and regulatory experience, plan design initiatives and merger/acquisition consultation.

We have transferred our knowledge in this market into educational presentations that can be made available to you through on site or web-based learning sessions.

On site

Diving into the tax exempt market

This presentation provides an overview of the current tax exempt market, an examination of each market segment’s demographics, how you can add value to these organizations, as well as prospecting tips for penetrating this market.

Tax exempt markets boot camp

This presentation provides an introduction into the tax exempt market, the types and basics of tax exempt plans, challenges and opportunities in the market, prospecting tips, how to leverage the resources of plan providers (a.k.a. recordkeepers) and how to effectively on board plan assets after a sale.

Tax exempt markets: Connecting with culture

Many retirement plan advisors have found success in dealing with this rewarding segment of the market. This presentation seeks to provide you with an understanding of how these types of organizations act and think differently from for-profit entities, as well as communication and approach strategies that may assist you as you develop your business plan for prospecting in this market.

Advisor practice management 101

In today’s competitive world, plans are rebid and won on your ability to deliver competitive fees, provide services that meet your client’s needs and improve plan and participant outcomes. The ability to provide all of these things, in a manner that can be sustained and grow, comes down to factors such as your access to capital, staffing model, client service model, marketing and branding.  This presentation addresses the common hurdles that your firm may experience as it moves from one growth tier to the next and provides practical ideas and tips to address those issues head on.


For more information about the educational resources on this page or to schedule a webinar or live event, contact our Retirement Services Internal Sales Desk at 1-866-313-7355.