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How is Your Personal Finance Knowledge?

November 29, 2016 Research
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In a recent survey, we asked retirement plan participants to rate their knowledge on the following topics:

  • Budgeting
  • Managing debt
  • Basic investing
  • Taxes
  • Social Security
  • Plan features
  • Estate planning
  • Advanced investing
  • Withdrawal strategies

Respondents ranked their knowledge of these topics by indicating one of the following options:

  • Very knowledgeable
  • Somewhat knowledgeable
  • Somewhat unknowledgeable
  • Not at all knowledgeable
  • Unsure

Only 50 percent of respondents say that they are “very” or “somewhat” knowledgeable about five or more of the nine topics. Budgeting (43 percent), managing debt (42 percent) and basic investing (18 percent) are the topics that score highest in knowledge. Respondents feel least confident about estate planning (5 percent), advanced investing (5 percent) and withdrawal strategies (6 percent).

How would you rate your financial knowledge? Explore guides, videos, podcasts and more about personal financial topics at One Day is Today.


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