Pathways Program: OneAmerica Scholars Program

Pathways Program: OneAmerica Scholars Program

Pathways Program: OneAmerica Scholars Program

Central Indiana is facing a dearth of good jobs a well known reality to those in our community who work yet struggle to make ends meet. A recent Brookings Institution report titled Advancing Opportunity in Central Indiana showed only 35% of central Indiana workers (264,000) without a bachelor’s degree held a good or promising job in 2017. As a business that has been part of this community for more than 140 years, thriving along the way on home grown talent, we’re taking steps through our OneAmerica Pathways Program to reverse the current trend.

In 2021, One America® will launch a program that will allow college students the opportunity to not have to choose between going to college and earning money. The OneAmerica Scholars Program will employ students part-time allowing these students to still attend classes. Pathways will engage current college students from existing One America partners. Student recruitment will be based on classroom attendance and engagement.

Soft and Hard skill training

Through the OneAmerica Scholars Program, students will learn skills necessary to be productive in the workplace. Students will:

  • Build business acumen: shadowing different departments in the organization while learning about One America products and services
  • Learn and demonstrate professional etiquette
  • Build a talent profile
  • Discover personal strengths and how to apply in the workplace
  • Build character awareness
  • Get hands-on work experience

Pathways Program: Co-op Track

  • Part-Time Employment
  • Earn $15/hr
  • Current college students
  • Recruitment based on classroom attendance and engagement
  • Recruitment from community partners
  • Soft skills training followed by hard skills training
  • Mentor for each new associate

Mentor program

Each student will be paired with a One America associate that will serve as a mentor. The mentor will engage with students in personal and professional development. Mentors will provide support, guidance, and focused feedback to students.


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