Retirement Attitudes and Behaviors: OneAmerica Participant Survey

Retirement Attitudes and Behaviors: OneAmerica Participant Survey

Retirement Attitudes and Behaviors: OneAmerica Participant Survey

A national leader in the retirement industry, Indianapolis-based OneAmerica® helps customers build and protect their financial futures. 

With roots that go back nearly 140 years, we use a relationship-based service model to help participants optimize outcomes and reach their goals. As a mutual organization, we serve Main Street, not Wall Street. We are built for the benefit of those we serve; those who place their trust in us.

A critical component of that trust is providing plan sponsors and their advisors with insights into how they can better connect with participants and provide more effective communications to help drive positive retirement outcomes. We frequently seek feedback and solicit input, both in person and through virtual channels.

We’re fresh off conducting our newest participant survey, which resulted in the largest-ever response rate - more than 10,500 respondents.

Participants responded to questions about their attitudes and behaviors toward preparing for retirement and their levels of knowledge about various personal finance topics. Peter Dunn, also known as Pete the Planner®, and OneAmerica have worked together to analyze the survey results. Based on the survey findings, we provide suggestions for ways plan sponsors can better engage with their employees to help them become more retirement ready.

In our survey, participants provided feedback and information about:

  • The frequency of thought around retirement planning
  • The frequency of monitoring and the importance of understanding progress toward retirement goals
  • Triggers for attention to retirement planning
  • Plan features that are important and encourage retirement planning
  • Factors that are most likely to delay retirement
  • Knowledge level about specific financial topics
  • Incidence of hardship withdrawals and loans
  • Interest in receiving regular retirement planning communications and the preferred channels

We analyzed the survey results by looking at three main subsets of respondents. Analyzing the survey results through these lenses enables us to understand how plan sponsors may better serve their participants in a variety of demographics. The subgroups we analyzed are:

  • Gender: Male vs. female
  • Age: Younger than 35, 35–49 and 50 and older
  • Frequency of retirement thought: Weekly, monthly and less often

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NOTES: OneAmerica® is the marketing name for the companies of OneAmerica.

The views and opinions expressed by Peter Dunn (aka Pete the Planner) are solely his and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the companies of OneAmerica. The information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended as financial or legal advice. Pete the Planner is not an affiliate of any OneAmerica company.

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