Putting in a Good Word

Putting in a Good Word

Putting in a Good Word

OneAmerica has a long history of celebrating our people, no matter what the forum, and proof that we’ve always cared for each other’s accomplishment dates back decades.

Our bound newsletters showcase the titles of the day.

What's Going On debuted in 1968.They range from The Fielder, published monthly for field associates starting in 1936. “News A Poppin” (published from in 1942-43) to “Home Office Hash,” published from 1944 to 1946. Then there’s “Life Lines” first published in 1947.

“What’s Going On” or WGO, made its weekly debut in 1968. Those printed editions, which were published weekly, featured photos of new hires and classifieds, messages from the executive leadership to the field, ways to get Indiana Pacers tickets at a discount, and so forth.

WGO lasted through 1999, when advances in technology and the ability to become more environmentally friendly made it more practical to get out important news electronically. (Plus, we have always been growing, meaning more editions to have to print on paper.) We still published a monthly newsletter called “AUL News” (first launched in 1972) that evolved into OneVoice to reflect the formation of our current mutual insurance holding company structure under OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. in 2000. We also found a newsletter called Partners in Action, published in 1964, and a separate publication Partners, published in 1970!These days, associate news is communicated almost exclusively via digital multimedia, from an employee intranet that we call OA Connect to special televisions throughout our U.S. offices that are known as Channel OneAmerica or COA. And we have a weekly email that reaches over 2,000 associates.

Many of our longest-tenured associates have kept old paper copies as souvenirs if they were mentioned in the article.

Phil Galoozis of OneAmericaBut our own Phil Galoozis did one better.

Phil, Enterprise Resilience Manager, Enterprise Strategy, retained nearly every WGO from the date he was hired (in November 1987) so he had 12 years’ worth of WGO (over 500 editions, in all). We’re sharing that big stack with our associates to provide context into earlier forms of employee engagement! 

After all, our people -- associates -- are the folks who have connected customers to financial-security products, handled claims, and supported sales and service in some way. It’s those associates who are part of a 140-year-old legacy of helping American organizations, families and individuals build and protect financial security.