Generational Connection is by the Book

Generational Connection is by the Book

Generational connection is by the book

Megan Bickel holds son Jack; John Scully holds great-grandson Henry. Photo taken in 2009. Submitted.Long before she came to work at OneAmerica® this past February, Megan Bickel (pictured left, holding her son Jack) had a special place in her heart for American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL).

As President Emeritus of LIMRA International, her grandfather, John "Jack" C. Scully (pictured left, holding great-grandson Henry), served on the AUL/OneAmerica Board of Directors from 1997 until 2007.

During those years Scully would come into Indianapolis for board meetings. Since he lived on the east coast, this was a real treat for Megan and her family, especially for her three sons, William, Henry and Jack. “We were able to get together for dinners while he was in town for the meetings. It gave my boys the chance to know their great grandfather.” Even though Scully passed away in 2014, she is often reminded of those dinners and “I cherish that time we had together.”

On her first day at OneAmerica—she is a Market Conduct Analyst with Corporate Compliance—she was handed a book – “American United Life Insurance Company: Progress through Partnership 1877-2002” - so that she could learn more about OneAmerica history.

“Imagine my joy and surprise to see a picture of the 2002 Board at the end of the book and my grandfather smiling at me, welcoming me to OneAmerica.”