A Gem to Clients and a Gift to Us

A Gem to Clients and a Gift to Us

A Gem to Clients and a Gift to Us

Bill Stockwell (pictured below, right), an insurance representative with Bill C. Brown Associates of Bloomington, Indiana, this year celebrated his 50th service anniversary with the companies of OneAmerica®.1

To illustrate the impact Bill has had over his long career as a retail career agent, he has delivered over $4.3 million of death benefit proceeds to over 91 families.

He still has individual policies in force that total close to $11 million of death benefit for 154 families.

And he gives of his time, having committed resources to Bikes for Tykes, Owen County Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Fishing for Kids. But when the ILFS division of OneAmerica feted Bill at a recent luncheon, he gave us a gift.

A Panasonic Executive Partner FT-70 Portable Computer (read more about the history of this PC), the first "portable computer" that our company made available to the field, back in 1985.

Cheryl Gentry (pictured above, left), vice president of ILFS Sales Support, says it was “state of the art” at the time. Bill, 79, who just signed on a new client during the writing of this article, recalls with certainty that Cheryl guaranteed it would be “the last computer he would ever have to purchase.”  

The selling characteristics were that it was a good machine for those who needed portability because it contained a built-in printer, dual floppy disk drives.

Here’s the thing: It weighed almost 28 pounds. (It still works, by the way.)

1 - Bill C. Brown Associates is not an affiliate of the companies of OneAmerica