A remodel for us, upgrade for Indiana War Memorial

A remodel for us, upgrade for Indiana War Memorial

A remodel for us, upgrade for them

Workplace modernization at OneAmerica results in office furniture for Indiana War Memorial Museum

To OneAmerica, they were surplus chairs and tables — leftovers from an ongoing floor-by-floor makeover. To the staff of the Indiana War Memorial, our majestic neighbor at 431 N. Meridian St., the office furniture was a godsend. In 2014, OneAmerica launched a multi-million dollar workplace modernization.  A conversation about the remodeling came up at a 500 Festival meeting involving both organizations. Which is how three truckloads of OneAmerica furniture went straight to the Indiana War Memorial Museum.

USAF Brigadier General Stewart Goodwin (pictured left), the memorial’s executive director, said his office staff was beaming after receiving the furniture and some people were moved to tears.

"Every dollar the state provides us goes to paying our employees or maintaining our buildings, grounds and fountains,” Brigadier General Stewart Goodwin, the memorial’s executive director, stated. “All of us have been utilizing chairs and tables that require routine duct-tape repairs. The gently used items OneAmerica provided added immeasurably to the morale of our workforce.”

The memorial’s purpose is to honor the sacrifice of Indiana armed-services veterans. We stand up for many civic causes like this; we’re glad this was one where they could take a seat.