OneAmerica - 140

OneAmerica - 140

Growth Was Springboard for A 60-year Tradition


You may have chuckled or groaned reading the catchy sayings on the twin signboards at our Indianapolis headquarters.

But have you noticed the words beneath each marquee: “Life Insurance, Retirement, Employee Benefits”?

Those are our OneAmerica® business lines, and to our company and customers, they are no joke. For us, signboard sayings go beyond mere levity. They are a way to interest people in what we do. And that story is more than three witty lines. 



Delivering on our promises
when customers need us most.

It's our mission statement. Beyond our Tower and signboards, it's what OneAmerica is known for — just ask thousands of people who hold a life insurance policy through us, or an annuity, or a retirement plan or an employer-provided disability policy. We believe in getting better with age applies to us and those who count on us.


Making work not such a chore

In 2018, we conclude an ambitious makeover of reimagined offices.
See the Changes

Flying high for our sports

More than symbolic, when you see the flag of a team, something’s up.
Flags that Fly

Our role in the space race

A little-known gem from our historical files was out of this world.
What We Unearthed




OneAmerica Tower gives us a solid base

When the AUL Tower (now what is known as OneAmerica Tower) was proposed in the late 1970s, our skyscraper took the place of a series of smaller structures, some of them downright seedy. With support from Indianapolis' then-Mayor Bill Hudnut, we took a 533-foot leap of faith. Now, it is as current Mayor Joe Hogsett says, "A catalyst for revitalization. Nothing less than transformative."


A legacy of loved ones at OneAmerica

In our 140th anniversary year, OneAmerica® is all about getting better with age. While we’re focused on where we’re headed, we’re also fondly remembering where we’ve been. That starts with our 2,000 associates. Meet a mother and daughter who represent the second and third generation of their family to take home a paycheck, meaning a combined six decades of service (and counting).


Christopher Lee

Giving Back, Our Labor of Love

In a place where landscaping is a luxury, OneAmerica® employee Christopher Lee found a richness in pulling weeds, installing mulch and putting some TLC into Concord Neighborhood Center on Indianapolis' Near Southside. Learn more about these two organizations, both born in the 1870s, and why our company cares so much.


Of Anniversaries and Annuities

A OneAmerica® love story connects the present with the past. Ken and Marcella McGlothlin, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in October, are dealing with age-related health concerns. But they have peace of mind because they planned for retirement and they invested in OneAmerica company products (mainly annuities) that have made them prepared for retirement. Their example speaks to the very essence of our mission. They also have a special love story, in which we played a part.