OneAmerica Turns 140

OneAmerica Turns 140

OneAmerica Tower gives us a solid base

In our 140th anniversary year, OneAmerica® is all about getting better with age. While we’re focused on where we’re headed, we’re also fondly remembering where we’ve been. That starts with our home base and what its construction did to help kick start the rebirth of Indy’s downtown. When the AUL Tower (now what is known as OneAmerica Tower) was proposed in the late 1970s, our skyscraper took the place of a series of smaller structures, some of them downright seedy. The sparkling canal we all know and love today was just an undeveloped trash-strewn ditch. And downtown Indy wasn’t a lively, vibrant destination. With then-Mayor Bill Hudnut’s support, we took a 533-foot leap of faith. We built our 38-story office building, and today – as the Indianapolis Star recently described it, OneAmerica is towering. “A catalyst for revitalization. Nothing less than transformative,” says Mayor Joe Hogsett. 


A Remodel for Us, Upgrade for Them

To OneAmerica, they were surplus chairs and tables — leftovers from an ongoing floor-by-floor makeover. To the staff of the Indiana War Memorial, our majestic neighbor, the office furniture was a godsend.
The Story

Medicine Man Who Doctored Our Move

At OneAmerica, associates can do “a lot of different things.” Just ask 39-year employee Joe Pearson, whose father offered expertise both as a physician and a moving coordinator/archivist.
Meet Dr. John Pearson

Ensuring a Roaring Start to Our Neighbor

Since the original “King Kong” movie, giant gorillas and tall buildings go together. But motorists surely were a bit surprised one morning in 1988 to see this 40-foot, 300-pound inflatable gorilla on the Tower.
Why Kong was there