John Monahan and wife Rhonda Monahan
Built for the Unexpected
Employee Benefits

John Monahan knows the importance of disability insurance better than most. He’s experienced what can happen without it.

“In 2014 I had an infection that turned into sepsis,” John said. “My wife and I are truck drivers, and we didn’t have workman’s comp or disability insurance. After 21 days, I was kicked out of the hospital, with sepsis still in my body. To remove it required back surgery, another 30 days in the hospital, then 11 months spent learning to walk again.”

Because John was unable to work during his recovery, the lost wages brought the Monahans to the very brink of bankruptcy. After their ordeal, the Monahans decided that the best way to protect themselves was by purchasing disability insurance. Years passed without incident, but neither John nor his wife ever considered letting their policy lapse. The peace of mind alone was worth it.

“You just never know what can happen,” John said. “You might go years in perfect health, but sickness or injury could be right around the corner. You don’t want to get blindsided and not have a plan, believe me.”

Again, John can speak from personal experience. Around 4 a.m. on the morning of March 6, 2021, a blood clot in John’s brain triggered an ischemic stroke. He was rushed to the hospital and successfully treated, but for the second time in his life, John found himself unable to work. He worried about what might happen next.

“They never made me feel like a number in their system. Every time I called in, the response I got was, ‘Let me help you. I’ll take care of it.’ It was timely, compassionate help at a difficult time. ”

- John Monahan

“Normally, dealing with insurance companies is like pulling wisdom teeth, so when I filed my claim, I didn’t know how long it would take to come through,” John said. “But OneAmerica took care of us. They treated us with compassion and understanding and didn’t make us jump through any hoops. Within a few days of filing, I got my first check.”

For John, it was the fulfillment of a promise that the support of OneAmerica would be there when he needed it most.

“The bottom line is they treated me as an individual,” John said. “They never made me feel like a number in their system. Every time I called in, the response I got was, ‘Let me help you. I’ll take care of it.’ It was timely, compassionate help at a difficult time.”

By late April, John was healthy enough to return to work, his family still financially secure. Unfortunately, after being back on the job a short time, John contracted COVID-19. His symptoms were anything but mild.

“Of course, my having COVID after a stroke made my doctors very concerned,” John said. “I could not catch my breath, and could not go to work for four weeks.”

After providing his documentation, John began receiving his benefits a few days later. Once again, his short-term disability policy protected his family as he spent the next month recovering.

“Every time I needed OneAmerica, they were with me every step of the way,” John said. The claims team provided clear and timely communication along with assistance through needed procedures. John was determined to get back to his job, and OneAmerica provided support to ensure a safe and successful return-to-work strategy.

In a difficult year for the Monahans, it was a relief to know they wouldn’t face the same financial burdens that had almost bankrupted them nearly a decade before.

“We’ve been through a lot. But to be treated so warmly and helped so quickly, it was more than I ever expected,” John said. “And I’m not blowing smoke: That policy is the best decision I ever made. Because you never know what can happen when it comes to your health. Believe me.”