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Asset-Care puts your money to work

Asset-Care puts your money to work

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Asset-Care puts your money to work

You spend your working life preparing for retirement so you can enjoy your later years comfortably, with peace of mind. If you’re not prepared, a long-term care (LTC) event may negatively impact your retirement assets.

With Asset-Care®, your qualified retirement funds could be repositioned into a combination annuity and life insurance product that pays over a 20-year period, spreading out your tax liabilities. Asset-Care offers you access to the annuity value and death benefit to help pay for qualifying LTC1 expenses, helping to provide you peace of mind that your retirement savings are secure and your LTC costs are protected. You may choose joint protection, which provides LTC benefits for two people2, and your retirement money may work even harder.

Comparing Retirement Money in IRA vs. Asset-Care

Retirement money in an IRA
You must take RMDs beginning at age 70½

Beneficiaries are taxed on money they receive when you die

LTC expenses may deplete your assets; when you run out, you’re out

Growth is not guaranteed
Retirement money in Asset-Care
Annuity withdrawals count towards RMDs

The life insurance death benefit passes generally tax free to your beneficiaries

LTC benefits may be paid for a lifetime if you choose3

Life insurance cash value growth is guaranteed


Contact your OneAmerica representative to learn more about Asset-Care.

1 In OR, convalescent care.
2 Joint coverage not available in PA.
3 Lifetime coverage not available in MA. Additional premium required.

NOTE: This is a solicitation of insurance. An insurance agent may contact you. Products are issued and underwritten by The State Life Insurance Company® (State Life), Indianapolis, IN, a OneAmerica company that offers the Care Solutions product suite. Asset-Care form number series: L301, R501 and SA31 may not be available in all states and may vary by state. Form numbers for ID: L301 (ID), R501 and SA31. Form numbers for OR: L301 (OR), R501 (OR) and SA31 (OR). All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of State Life. Asset-Care® a whole life insurance4 and annuity combination that allows access to 100 percent of the life policy death benefit and/or annuity accumulation value for qualifying LTC expenses (paid monthly). This policy and long term care insurance rider have exclusions and limitations. For costs and complete details about the coverage, contact your insurance agent.

Life insurance should be purchased by individuals that have a need to provide a death benefit to protect others with insurable interests in their lives against financial loss. Life insurance is not a retirement plan, investment, or savings account. Life insurance policies' cash values are not considered liquid.

Provided content is for overview and informational purposes only and is not intended as tax, legal, fiduciary, or investment advice.

4 Universal life in MD and PA.



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